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At the centre of our our range is our ingestible wild marine collagen powder to repair and replenish the collagen your skin is losing with time. Our range of topical treatments, powered with skin-loving botanics, offer transformative skincare products to keep your hair, skin & nails rejuvenated from the inside-out.

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Our Products 


Collagen Stickz are eco-friendly paper microtubes filled with pure, Type1, hydrolysed wild marine collagen powder (5g). Our powder is guaranteed to be free from GMOs, antibiotics and growth hormones and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Sourced and fully traceable with sustainable fishing practices from the ocean to you. Available in 10 or 30 Packs. Visit our products page to purchase. 

Phyto-Ez is Mother Nature's remedy for the symptoms associated with female aging. Plant (phyto) estrogen contains lignans and flavonoids that mimic the effect of human estrogen when consumed in sufficient diversity and quantity. Our blend uses 8 phyto-estrogen dense berries, seeds and vegetables. Freeze-dried and powdered to lock-in all the nutrients without any preservatives or additives. Just 1g of our powder equals 20g of fresh produce so you can tap into bulk nutritional benefit from every dose. Restore your body's balance the way nature intended with our all-natural formula. Here is a list of our hero ingredients with the phyto-estrogens they typically contain:


Collagen Chocolatz COMING SOON! Hand made by a master chocolatier, each dark chocolate contains one quarter gram of our wild marine collagen powder. The perfect little 'top up' to your collagen supplementation. As well as the finest collagen, each chocolate conatins zinc and copper, minerals to assist with collagen absorption. A divine indulgence or the perfect gift. 

Why We Need Collagen
When we're young, our bodies make collagen from the foods we eat. As we age, that ability diminishes. By the time you're in your 50's, you are losing around 1% of your skin's collagen every year. Even the collagen your body still manages to produce is declining in quality. This, coupled with environmental wear and tear, is why our skin ages.  
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It's not all bad news. Our bodies can absorb collagen (Yay!) but there's a catch. It needs to be delivered to your body the way nature intended - from the inside out. Collagen amino acid chains are too long to be absorbed through the skin. Topical collagen creams and serums might provide some short-term plumping but they can't restore the collagen that's being lost at the lower dermis levels where wrinkles start.

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Marine vs Bovine
Don't be fooled into thinking all collagen is created equally. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

There is a huge difference between wild marine collagen and bovine (cow) collagen. Cow collagen is a bi-product of the abattoirs and the beef industry. Unused meat, bones and hide are scooped up, pulverised then hydrolysed and sold off as a beauty supplement. It commonly contains GMOs, antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones but 8 out of 10 collagen supplements sold in Australia are made from bovine collagen. Why? Simple - it's cheap to make! Only wild marine collagen, made from the scales of fish caught in their natural habitat at sea, is guaranteed to be free from 'nasties'. 

Bovine collagen is low efficacy (fancy word for potency). You need to consume more of it to compensate for its lower potency. The typical recommended daily dosage (RDD) for bovine collagen is 20g per day. The RDD for wild marine collagen is 6-8g per day. Our collagen powder has the lowest possible RDD at just 5g per day. When it comes to collagen, LESS really is MORE!

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Did you know?

Topical creams can't deliver collagen to the lower dermis level where wrinkles start. The amino acid chains are too long to pass through the dermis.


HA+VIT C Spritz is a lightweight infusion of active ingredients essential to healthy skin. A lot of skincare products use synthetic Hyaluronic Acid (HA) because it's more stable. Naturally occuring HA has non-uniformed molecules while synthetic HA doesn't. This is important because it's the size of the molecule that determines where in the dermis the molecule gets absorbed. Our HA+VITC Spritz contains a blend of synthetic HA formulations with a variety of molecular sizes. This ensures broad spectrum hydration. The addition of vitamin C supercharges your skin ensuring optimal absorption. 

Magnesium Spritz is a 30% magnesium chloride formulation with ancient minerals drawn from the Jordanian Dead Sea. Magnesium can improve more than just your your skin. It also helps wtih sleep and your mood. The World Health Organisation estimates as much as half of the global population is deficient in magnesium. Unlike collagen, magnesium CAN be absorbed directly through your skin. In fact, ingestible magnesium is largely ineffective delivering as little as 8% of the ingested mineral. Topicals are the most effective way to give your body a magnesium boost. 

Calming Cleanz is a gentle, water-based daily cleanser. Use it in your daily morning and evening routine to freshen your skin and remove impurities that can cause inflammation and acne. Specially formulated to avoid heating sensitised skin. Calming and cooling with all natural Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Gentle Eye Cleanz is specially formulated for the sensitive eye area. Use it morning and night to remove makeup, excess oils and impurities without risk of irritation. Active ingredients: Natural Vitamin E, Lavender and Rosehip. 

Eye Gel Kitz is the answer to tired, puffy eyes. Each kit includes 60mls of our cooling cucumber gel infusion along with 10 bamboo cotton eye pads for soaking. Active ingredients: cucumber, Seabuckthorn, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, marine collagen & Green Tea Extract. Give your lids the spa treatment at home!