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HA+VITC Spritz


Use after cleansing.

Give your skin a blast of hydration with our hyaluronic acid (HA) blend boosted with the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. This dynamic duo work in tandem to preserve and restore your skin's condition.

HA occurs naturally in the skin but synthetic HA is preferred for cosmetics. Synthetic HA has a uniformed molecular size and is very stable. Its the size of the molecule that determines where in the dermis the HA gets absorbed. One molecule size = one lever of hydration. Varied molecular sizes = broad spectrum hydration. Our HA+VITC Spritz includes a BLEND of synthetic HA formulations with varied molecular sizes delivering hydration all they way down through the dermis. Try it. You'll notice the difference.

Spritz 2-3 times directly onto skin after cleansing morning and night.

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