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Collagen Stickz 10 Microtubes


Our ingestible WILD MARINE collagen powder will help restore your body's lost collagen. Packed into eco-friendly resealable paper microtubes, each tube contains 5g of pure wild marine hydrolysed collagen powder produced in France and packed here in Australia. Highly soluble with little taste or smell. Perfect for infusing into your favourite beverage or snack.

Fully certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) with traceable sources from the ocean to you. Unlike bovine collagen (harvested from the bones and hides of cows) our collagen is made from the scales of fish. It's guaranteed to be free GMO's, antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones.

To use: infuse one microtube of powder per day in your preferred beverage such as tea, coffee or juice. Keep your skin youthful, your nails strong and your hair and joints healthy.

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