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Plant (phyto) estrogen is Mother Nature's remedy for symptoms associated with female aging. Plant estrogen contains lignans and flavonoids that mimic the effects of human estrogen when consumed in sufficient diversity and quantity. These plant estrogens can provide much needed relief from hot flushes, itchy skin, poor sleep and other menopause related discomforts.

Our all-natural blend uses freeze-dried and powdered produce. Just 1g of powder equals 20g of fresh produce. All the nutritional benefits of 8 different berries, seeds & vegetables are locked in without any preservatives or additives. Restore your body's balance they way nature intended.

Pack contains 14 sachets x 4g (56g)
Recommended dosage: 2 servings per day.

Instructions: Dissolve one sachet (4g) in 60mls of warm water. Stir until smooth. Add your preferred fruit juice and ice. Serving suggestion: blend with fresh pineapple, apple or cranberry juice for an extra boost of vitamin C.

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